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Top 7 considerations for choosing a Data Archiving Solution

White Paper Published By: Redstor UK
Redstor UK
Published:  May 02, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Many organisations are facing challenges relating to the unstructured data they hold. By its very nature, unstructured data is in a form that is difficult to manage, and it is growing rapidly in size. This can make it difficult to understand who owns that data, whether it is being used or even whether it is of any value.

Industry forecasts indicate the volume of data generated by corporates is expected to double over the next three years and, with General Data Protection Regulation taking effect in May 2018, organisations need a more efficient way to manage and control this data.

This White Paper provides an overview of the important technical considerations senior business and IT management teams need to review before choosing an archiving provider.

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