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The Business Value of Progress Health Cloud

White Paper Published By: Progress
Published:  Mar 26, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Digital transformation has changed the face of business across the globe. New digital technologies— specifically, mobile devices—are opening new avenues for companies to engage their prospects and
manage their operations with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

However, in the healthcare space, the response to these technological innovations has been reserved. While it’s undeniable that digital transformation could bring great change to the healthcare space just as it has in other industries, obstacles like regulatory compliance and rigid systems of record discourage the adoption of new tools and technology.

This has led to frustration from all sides of the healthcare ecosystem. Many people are accustomed to using intuitive digital applications in their everyday lives, so when healthcare applications deliver archaic user experiences, everyone is left wanting more. Patients and members want applications that enable
them to manage their health more easily. Providers want to provide new digital experiences that engage and empower their patients for better outcomes. Payers want to provide greater cost transparency and simplify the entire healthcare journey for members, from finding a plan to paying for services.

But with data locked up in rigid systems, limited resources and compliance-related constraints that restrict the rapid development and iteration of applications, all that results are unsatisfactory healthcare experiences that are ineffective, overly complicated and lacking in meaningful value.

Enterprise health clouds (EHC) are helping the healthcare industry close the digital divide and deliver better healthcare experiences to patients, members and workforces across the healthcare spectrum,
including providers, payers, pharma and medical device manufacturers. Enterprise health clouds address many of the concerns that have traditionally prevented the healthcare space from embracing digital transformation. This enables healthcare organizations to become more agile by nature, delivering better
patient insights through advanced analytics and creating experiences that are actually valuable for users. While every enterprise health cloud has its own unique strengths, they generally empower healthcare organizations to deliver successful patient-centric and connected-care digital experiences even faster.
They do this by:

• Streamlining application development to foster greater innovation and rapid iteration
• Providing better data governance and data access management
• Giving healthcare organizations a more complete view of their patients and their needs
• Integrating smoothly with major EHR providers, without any hiccups or complications
• Complying with HIPAA and other regulations without costing hundreds of thousands of dollars

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