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Social Selling: Fill Your Pipeline in 5 Easy Steps

Webinar Published By: InsideView
Published:  Aug 17, 2015
Type:  Webinar

Whether you’re a marketer, a salesperson, or otherwise contributing to revenue growth, learning a few social selling techniques will help you fill your deal funnel with more–and better–leads.

But it’s not as simple as creating a few tweets and browsing through LinkedIn.

Put social media at the core of your lead-to-revenue process and get real tips you can use to grow revenue in our webinar, “5 Steps to Using Social Selling to Fill Your Funnel.”

This short 30 minute webinar will show you how social selling will help you:

  • Find the best targets
  • Recognize “I’m ready to buy” signals
  • Uncover relevant, real-time insights

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