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Fireblade's Web Application Security Explained

White Paper Published By: Fireblade
Published:  Aug 21, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Fireblade has developed an innovative behavioral approach to website security. It inspects users’ behavior and interactions with valuable website assets, and relays the aggregated information to a central cloud, where a continual, real-time risk assessment process uses big data to discern legitimate users from attackers and abusers.

This approach is a major shift from traditional signature-based web application security, which emphasized atomic inspection of HTTP requests, comparing each one to a set of predefined signatures. Fireblade’s modern behavioral approach introduces many advantages over common existing solutions, such as:

• Zero-day attack resilience
• Effective protection from commercial abuses such as spam and scraping
• Defense against advanced application-layer DDoS attacks
• Extremely low maintenance requirements that are well suited for sites of any size and business of any type 

The Fireblade solution is available either as a SaaS, offering a self-service cloud platform that is implemented with a simple DNS configuration change, or as an on-premise installation, for large channel partners and enterprise customers.

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