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5 Simple Steps: Be a Better Manager MEOW

White Paper Published By: CSB by Cornerstone on Demand
CSB by Cornerstone on Demand
Published:  Jun 26, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Managing people is really very simple: hire people who can do the job, and let them do it. If they do something good, tell them they did done good; if they mess up, sort it out pronto.

Sure, there are usually other things you need to do along the way (some people review performance, for example) but everything becomes a whole lot easier if you get the basics right: smart people who fit, who are allowed to do their job, and who get recognition for doing it.

This e-book covers off a bunch of that stuff. It shouldn't contain anything new or groundbreaking, but it does feature zombies, impractical footwear, terrible ideas for thank you cards and one really creepy monkey. And it's anice reminder that keeping things simple is usually the best way to start.

Tags : 
management fundamentals, hiring best practices, human resources management

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