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Rehosting Applications To A Better Server

White Paper Published By: Micro Focus
Micro Focus
Published:  Aug 17, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Mainframe environments have long been the platform of choice for mission-critical business applications, but they are unlikely to remain so. A Standish Group survey shows that 70% of CIOs consider that the mainframe provides a central, strategic role today. In 5-10 years the picture will be very different, with none seeing it as a strategic platform.

Migrating applications to more contemporary platforms is a proven modernization strategy that reduces costs and makes IT more agile in supporting business going forward. By replicating the mainframe infrastructure on lower-cost platforms, including cloud platforms, applications deliver more value for a fraction of the cost of rewriting or replacing them with off-the-shelf packages. 

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